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Just some crazy recoding of things


Sorry for the default theme, the latest patch created a couple problems and I am going to sort it out. Plus I wanted to work on a new theme for the site. The old theme is nice but too limiting to the content I would like us to be able to have access to.

The forums should continue to work, but it will just be this default theme for a little bit while I reapply the forum software and install all the items I really want us to have, then incorporate a new theme.

Thanks for bearing with me on this.


Things are still coming along, I have most of the things in place that should keep this ship sailing smooth. It's difficult because you want to have a nice looking theme, but you can't do that until after all the functional elements are in place. While the developers have done a tremendous job making this software easy to modify, the real effort comes in with the design elements.

Anyway, just thought I would share the thought process behind the drastic change to basic-ness. The goal is to always offer the most useful place for people to come find and share information. As long as that need is there then it is worth the effort to try and make things better for everyone.

Thanks as always for you patience with all the little changes.

Thanks Jay - your efforts are greatly appreciated!


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