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I am going to go and meed our brother B5 owners up in Boulder this coming Sunday, February 2nd.  They are

meeting on the top level of the parking structure that is at the end of Pearl Street Mall, between Pearl Street and Walnut, and between 15th and

16th.  They will meet at 1230pm, then go get some lunch at Old Chicago's in Boulder, then possibly go for a Drive.

Just wanted to throw this out so that everyone interested can attend.

For those coming from the South, we can meet at my house at noon, then drive to Boulder together.


I think I might be able to swing


Right on Jay...right now...I'll count

you in.

So far,

Maybe Rian

Maybe all you southern people can hook up and meet me at my place, then we go to Boulder.  For those not doing lunch, just wanting to go on the

drive...Pat said he will have his cell phone on...give him a call.  We can meet you at the parking structure and then go from there after lunch.

Woooooo Hoooooo...we be rep-re-zentin'

I'll have my cell as well, we'll also

have FRS radios I'm sure.  Definitley count me in.  I'll know by tommorrow if I wont be able to make it.

I'm going to connect this thread to

CB5 as well, there may still be some Colorado folks out there that might be interested but don't visit here.

I will bring my FRS as well, good idea Jay. 8)


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