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Installing an Amp with a LOC.

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Please read my post I posted on the B5 boards.

Hopefully someone there can answer it.  I know Quailty_Sound is all about the stereo installations...

I don't even know what a LOC is.

LOC stands for Line Out Converter, it basically allows you too hook up a sub and amp wihtout needing to use RCA's to the back of the deck (I assume our decks do not have RCA inputs on the back of them?)

I finally figured it out but it involved a lot of in and out of the trunk turning the ignition on and off to figure out which wires were powered and which were not.  Then I had to figure out which wires went to the rear speakers so that I could tap into them.  To do that I had to partially remove the rear door panels to see the colors.

In case anyone else is interested:
- Black wire from LOC (ground) -> Ground to vehicle somewhere close to the LOC
- Yellow (blue) Wire from LOC (Remote/Lead) -> Red wire from Grey factory plug into the Amp.
- Red Wire from LOC (Power) -> 12v Power on Amp
- Speaker Wire Taps from LOC -> 2 Sets of Purple and Purple/Brown wires from Amp (these run to the rear speakers in the doors.

Would have been MUCH easier had there been speakers in my rear dash, but there are not, only in the rear doors.  Too bad the Monsoon upgrade didn't give me those.

FYI - This is all on a 2004 Passat, not sure if it would work for prior years.

Also, if anyone has a good way to get from the bettery to my LOC I'd really like to know.  Can't seem to find a convienant way to get through the firewall.  So, obiously I am not 100% sure that this arrangement will work yet but hopefully be this evening I will be able to test it to verify that it is correct.

Take out your lower dash and look up above the brake pedal, and there should be a black rubber plug. Now go into your engine compartment and take off the whole black cover that goes just under the windshield, and behind where the brake line distribution is, is a black rubber grommet with a little nipple. Push this in and then look inside the car and verify that the little nipple is inside the car. This is where I put my amp cable, pretty simple, but too about 6 months to get off my lazy butt and find it. FYI a LOC is another way to get high level inputs(such as speakers) into a low level input(such as RCA) to reduce noise that most high level(pre-amp) inputs have, luckily my amp had both types of inputs but install was still a PITA.

I dont know a whole lot about wireing on the stock VW decks but I can wire just about any aftermarket head unit to a VW, check the instal that I did in my Golf its in my member rides section. I could probly help with questions about aftermarket head units but stock VW decks are a big mistary to me  :?:  :?:  :?:


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