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Pulling to the right, my quest for good alignment

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My car has always seem to have a small issue with pulling to the right, independent of what wheels I am running. I have had a few alignments (and of course tire rotation and wheel balancing) and it does not resolve the problem. My guess is this is a sub frame issue and a sub frame alignment is really what's needed?

I know Pat has driven my car and felt this, I really would like to get it figured out one of these days.

What did Pete at TireSource say?

The last two times I had them align it, they gave me my sheet after the alignment each time and said she is good now. Then I would notice the same issue. They did adjust the camber plates which is nice.

I don't mind going back to them, their price is good and most everyone is happy, but it's a lot of driving for the lack of results.

What does your tire wear look like?  Uneven brake wear (perhaps a pad maintaining contact a little on the right?)?  The alignment may be okay in a static state, but something my be causing additional friction in motion on the right side...

So it has been kind of a mess, last year my front springs basically broke, and it caused all sorts of crap. Once that was resolved I had tire source do an alignment and of course adjust the camber as needed. I was running my snows by then and the wear on them is fine, but by that point my summers were pretty trashed in the front because of the other issues.

Since I still had the pulling and we got through Winter, this was after Pat drove my car as well and noticed the same thing. I bought the new Summers and at that time had the alignment done again.

I am getting ready to switch to the winter setup again and will be able to better check the status of the current tires, but cursory appearance is good.

The bad part of course is I have been so busy and all my discretionary money is limited and is spread between the House, scout, audi and bike. Kind of tackling one thing at a time. I don't mind getting alignments, but if it's that I need to go somewhere else to make sure we are getting everything aligned properly then great.

If it is something else, like maybe an issue with the brakes, heck I'd like to be able to find that out too so I know what I need to do there.

What you're saying Ian, is maybe there is a caliper type problem forcing some contact? Or a pad issue could do that too I suppose.


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