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This procedure does need to be done from time to time to clean any miscellaneous debris from the platinum probe in the MAF.

For a more technical write up of the MAF itself and some information on how to clean it, refer to the article on the European Car website:

Basically though, you want to remove the top half of the airbox after disconnecting the MAF sensor plug and other various hoses attached to the airbox.

Next, you will want to unscrew the MAF/intake bell assembly on the inside of the top half of the airbox.

After that, you will need a 6-point security Torx bit (B5) or 5-point security Torx bit (B5.5) to remove the MAF sensor from the MAF assembly.

Take the sensor out, clean it with electronics cleaner that is safe on plastic, and then let it dry thoroughly before reinstalling...

Here is a thread on ClubB5:


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