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2003 IY 20th AE GTI #3277

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Since the 90 got totaled, it was time for a new car and this steal of a car came up. It has quite a bit of TLC to do, but I'm hoping to have her to perfect condition by the start of show season next year. I plan on keeping her for the next 60-80,000 miles so maintenance is top priority. I've split p my future mods into a couple of stages and the idea is that as soon as I get done with one stage, I can move onto the next. However, if I find a good deal, I'll jump ahead and buy it.

Existing Mods:
 - Carbonio cold air intake
 - Samco hoses
 - 034 motorsports downpipe
 - Miltek turbo-back exhaust
 - Neuspeed short shifter
 - Neuspeed 3-way adjustable rear sway bar
 - Forge 007 DV
 - NGK BKR6E spark plugs

 - .:R32 steering wheel
 - Euro light switch
 - Carbon fiber sunroof panel
 - False floor/rear seat delete

 - 20% Tint all around
 - ASA AR-1s (winter beaters)
 - Hella r/c/c/r tails
 - Polo rear wiper
 - Aero front wipers
 - Phaeton antennae (going on soon)

The Plan:
Stage one: Restore
- Clean air filter/maf/etc
- Fix hole in downpipe
- Timing Belt
- Fuel filter
 - BG44K
 - Bentleys
 - Replace the hood
 - Fix hail dents in roof
 - Fix front bumper/valence
 - Coolant flush
 - LED lights

Stage two: Improve
- false floor/rear seat delete
- Phaeton antennae
 - Boost gauge
 - Switch to Forge black hoses and TIP
 - Different tails (not sure which yet)
 - OE 25th mats
 - Rear upper strut bar
 - Upgrade to PBR ceramic pads and cross drilled/slotted rotors (bling bling)
 - OE 25th front bumper
 - Leon Cupra R lip
 - S3 water tank cover
 - S3 battery cover
 - Jetta vents
 - Euro stubby mirrors

Stage three: Show status
 - Chip (probably Revo)
 - Radar detector
 - Upgraded side intercooler
 - Clear Bra
 - Rims
 - Tasteful lowering
 - Euro rear bumper
 - Vinyl black roof
 - Carbon fiber color-matched engine cover

Stage four: the "I just won the lottery" stage
 - Full euro cluster and OEM Nav
 - Bags
 - Stage 3+

nice future list for mods.  Looking forward to more pics!!!!

Very nice Mike, I still can't wait to see it in person.

Looks great from that shot  ;)

I've got an Escort 8500 X50 red display if you'd like...and shortly the Forge side mount.

if you ever need a Bentley, just let me know and its yours to borrow :)


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