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Help with install of HID lights...I have a question

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I recently installed the hid conversion kit on my 2002 Passat wagon. My question is, should they flicker when you first turn them on? I really enjoy them, the light output is awesome. I will be installing the driving lights soon. The install was easy all plugs were only able to go one way due to their size and shape. The instructions stated that they would flicker if a good ground was not made, but I think the ground I have is good(its a direct plug in to the factory harness) I just dont know if what is happening to me is normal since it is an aftermarket conversion. So far it only happens on turn on. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Is this the VVME kit?

Mine occasionally flicker once but then remain on.

It is the VME kit and they do stay on and only flicker at turn on. Is that normal for the VME kit.

There are a bunch of UrS4 owners running this kit, I will try and ping them. I haven't had the time to order my kit yet, I know most are very satisfied with it. How long dot hey flicker for? Is it just once? Or do they flicker for like a few seconds?

Also, does outside temp seem to impact the amount of flickering at all?


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