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Help with install of HID lights...I have a question

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I just installed last night....they only flicker as they are turned on a second or so like a flourescent bulb. Other than that I think they are awesome.

Also, as I was looking to order my kits I found the same kits from the same maufactuer on Ebay for considerabley less than what they were selling for on their website.

Yes, but did you include shipping with that? I have heard the same, but I think you may net the same once they ding you on the eBay shipping and handling. However, I may be wrong.

Good to note those for others looking to get the kit.

As for the flickering, I guess I wouldn't entirely be surprised if they flicker when they are first fired up. Probably the ballasts firing up since they are basically amplifying I think.

That sounds reasonable , I was just worried about not having lights all of a sudden. As far as the purchase from Ebay, even with the shipping it was less than from the website. The website offers no assistance with forums for questions or install pics, so why not save some money and go Ebay. Just my opinion though.

Thanks for the tip!

I would keep an eye on the flickering and see if it gets worse. It is possible something in the ballasts is not 100%. If it were a ground, you would probably have it while driving down the road.


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