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Exhaust is too loud. I must be getting old

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Yeah, sounds great around town, but on the highway I need a volume knob big time. I'm running a catless 3" Thermal R&D race exhaust. I want to tone it down, but don't really want to put the cat back in...the power gains are just awesome and we don't have emissions up here so why bother.

Is there a good option to maintain the flow (for the most part, I know I'll sacrifice some) that I can put somewhere after the DP and before the mufflers?

how 'bout adding a resonator or two in the mid-pipe :) most of the older evo guys are doing this if they are running a test pipe...

this is my plan here over the winter...

Something generic? Or are their specially tuned applications for such use?

Any generic resonator would help tone it down, any muffler shop can add one in.  Or find one off a car in the junk yard, like a WRX or STi, etc.  A lot of the annoying sound on the highway can be removed with a decent resonator.

Cool, thanks Jon. One of the guys over on AW suggested a couple too...


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