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Well....I've taken the plunge.  My new ride was delivered Saturday morning ( to me).  99 Variant 1.8t, 5speed, Colorado Red, H&R Sports, 17's, GIAC, Forge DV, etc.....I couldn't be more pleased.  I just wanted to drop a note and say hello to everyone.  I've been lurking here for a few weeks while I've been serching for my passat.  Both this site and Clubb5 have been very helpful.  I can say that I am looking forward to meeting you all.  As has been stated in prior posts, both here and at Clubb5, rmcb5 appears to be a really great group of people.  Oh yeah...while the landscaping at my house leaves a little bit to be desired, it does have one benefit, courtesy of the prior owner.....a HUGE driveway.  Can you say garage day?   :cool:


Nice sounding ride, Matt.  Where'd ya pick it up?  It's already got most of the essential mods, but what do you have planned to upgrade first?  (we'll just assume that the modding madness is unavoidable)  ;)

Welcome Matt...nice to have another variant around...Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your ride.


Welcome aboard.  Now that Gietl has sold his Colorado Red B5, it's nice to have another...and an Avant no less.  Looking forward to meeting you,

Velo -- Thanks!  Kansas...of all places.  Modding madness; don't I know it.  I have to clear all new mods through the CFO.   :(   However, the wheels are next...I'll put the Mille Miglias up for sale to try and offset the cost.

Jon & Pat -  Thanks. Me too!

....just getting the hang of this posting thing.  It is going to be the death of my billable hours.  :oops:


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