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1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo

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i think my car in particular would make a horrible auto-x car... it's power band looks like an inverted boltzman's distrobution curve :P

Hell, the power band on a stock car made it a tricky auto-X car.

i would also be interested in trades + cash... i know my CL post is expired so the details are here:

i'd be looking for a good daily driver(there is a list of trades but not on there yet would be mkII, mkIII jetta/gti, mk4 gti (5-8k range)... maybe gietl's S ;D ) Really want something stock but light bolt ons are okay.

Also i bought TRD springs and tokico struts i'm going to install in place of the coils. It's actually the same setup as TRD coilovers (minus the camber plates) so i'm looking forward to seeing what that does to the handling. In the least it will make it so that i don't have to troll for potholes everywhere i drive.


i thought i might bump this. info on the car can be found here: or on CL

i'd love to find a nice b5 passat as a trade but anything on my trade list would be great. i'd also consider a mini ;)



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