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Mille Miglia Spiders


Now I know that several of us have these wheels, but Sebastian has them in 18" and has gone through 4 of them with small potholes.

At this point, my recommendation is to NOT get this wheel in 18" sizing.

17" may be fine, but it looks like the metal is way too soft and malleable to go with the bigger size for these wheels!  They do look nice, but going through an average of 1 wheel a month is too much...

The ones I have are 16", both Pat and Wendy have 17".  That is good information...for if I put them on an Audi, I will definately be more cautious of how I drive from here on out.  I also know Pat had some issues of snow packing on the inside of the rims...causing the car to  shudder....but then again, he was doing donutz in the deep snow :shock:


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