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I have the avatars

working, and there are limitations, so we all may be happy.  The picture cannot be larger than 80x80 and the file size cannot be larger than about

6Kb.  The one I am using is about 1.3Kb.

No one is required to post an avatar, obviously, but I also want to know how you all feel about them?

I don't mind them as long as they are uniform, meaning it is of your car or another B5.  I know there are really only about a dozen of us, so it

shouldn't be a big deal.

I've added a poll that will go away in about 7 days.  I think we'll know for sure in that time.

Avatars are cool and give you a

visual when you are viewing posts.  It's understandably diffucult to use them on high traffic sites like CB5 and especially VWVortex, but there's no

reason we can't have fun with them...

Not to mention I am offering space to

store your avatar or you can have it linked from a remote location.  I'd be happy to help folks out with creating avatars and optimizing them to cut

down bandwith.

I think it is great, and now i got mine

up and running.  Thanks Jay

Yayy avatars. I am just testing mine

out. :)


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