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polishing/waxing! need your input

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Spring is here and I'm dying to spruce up my B5.5!
I would like to get everyone's comments and opinions on polishing and waxing.

As many of you know I have a silver passat and the paint has increasing amount of scratches on it (downtown life is not treating it well).  I'm ready in the next few weeks (or until we do a waxing GTG) to do a spring time cleaning and waxing.
I know there has been a big debate on what is better: Klasse, Zaino, Einzett, Zymol, Meguires, etc.
From what I know, waxes (such as Zymol, Meguires, Turtle Wax, etc.) takes more effort, leaves a white residue, stains unpainted plastic, and doesn't last as long as the new generation acrylic-based polishes/sealants such as Zaino, Einzett and Klasse.  I'm pretty much sold on the acrylic based products but would like to know the best procedure to do the ultimate paint spruce up to my car.

This is what I'm planning to do:
1. Thoroughly wash my car with dishwashing liquid to strip off any old wax and contaminants.
2. Wash again with regular car washing soap and Klasse All-in-one solution.
3. Dry off with a water blade and natural chamois.
4. Clay bar to rid of oxidation, fine contaminants and residue.
5. Use polishing compound and a power buffer to remove scratches and swirl marks.
6. Apply Klasse All-in-one (or Zaino Z-1 Show Car Polish Lok).
7. Apply Klasse Sealant glaze (or Zaino Z-2 Show Car Polish).
Do I need to apply anything else over the Klasse?  I heard that it is not necessary to wax afterwards, but it is also decreases the effectiveness of the Klass applications (Zaino also advises not to do anything beyond using their products).

I'm also going to invest in a professional power buffer (my cheapo Walmart orbital buffer broke at the last GTG only after a couple uses), could someone recommend one and the best place to buy it.

I'm also considering getting parts of my car re-painted due to some very major scuffs and scratches to the rear bumpers and fenders (if the price is right I may paint the roof panel black).  Should I wait until after I get my car painted to polish it (after the curing period is over) or is it safe to do it before.


Every product you mentioned is good quality. The differences between the  good synthetic products are so small i am sure you will have good results with any of them.  With that being said i am using the following setup. And give it a big :thumbsup:


after i prepared the car with


then went over the car with this to reduce the swirls


then i applied some of this to the tires


pick up some of these for spares


YES this sounds really expensive, but if you buy it right the first time and take car of the equiptment, it will last a while.  I have used the Klasse stuff in the past and i switched to BlackFire this year because it is easier to apply and remove. It has the same (maybe better, only time will tell) protection and a great shine!

I think that was all i used last time. if you have ?'s please ask.

Alan, I saw a reference on clubb5 recently about AtomicAlex not recommending use of dish soap on cars.  I didn't look into it further, but you might see what's up with that (she is a chemical engineer or something after all).

A Porter Cable random orbit buffer is recommended.  I've used Jon's a couple times and it worked great.  I think he got it from Griot's?  I think Winston has the same one?  I've used the Einzett polish and wax and I like it.  The wax is very easy to apply.

Do you have someplace at your loft to do all this?  I'm wishing I wasn't in a condo so I could detail my car in my own driveway/garage.

You may also want to search the Rocky Mountain forum of AW.  Detailer's Paradise here in Denver is putting on a clinic sometime in the next couple weeks, but I'm not sure when.

I also have a random orbital buffer.  I used it the last couple of years and have had great results.  You are welcome to use it.  Lord knows it is one of the few things I can offer.


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