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Im new around here, but not new to B5's

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Sup all.  Came around from CB5.  Just thought this would be another great place for more B5 related info, even though Im not local.


Hey Steve!

Glad to see you signed up! We pretty much run as a Passat/A4 group, but I now have an A6 and 03Indigo is rolling in a All-Road and a Mini.

We also have a few members such as Greg the internet star and Eric with MkIVs (1.8ts of course).

Hopefully we'll have some usefull info not already on ClubB5 and the other sites.

Welcome Steve...I remember you from days past over at CB5, but I have not been so active there in almost a year since I sold my Passat.

We also have another allroad memeber and our S4 population is growing rapidly.

Again, welcome, and even though your are not local, you are welcome here anytime, via the internet or if you ever decide to visit...we can give you the hook up Denver style.


Preciate it guys... its good to visit other sites every once in a while.  Kinda getting tired of the ol' CB5 grind.

Sometimes a change of scene is good for the mind 8-)


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