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Ambient Door Handle Lighting How To


Ambient door lighting HOW TO


I did this modification, and have attached a few pics of the process on the front Driver door.  Special thanks to Mike Reed for providing me with a translated version of the german guidelines that I linked from above...that I also got from Jwil.  

The pics are not the best...it is hard to photograph in the dark, but I think you get the idea.  I did things a bit different than the instructions...hard wired into the window controller with wire taps, and left a lot of wire to the LED so that I can remove it easily.  

5mm Blue LED 5 Volt, 30mA, 300mcd, 430nm part number from RadioShack 276-311
470-Ohm Resistors 1/4watt, 5% tolerance, part number from RadioShack 271-1317
Scotch wire taps
Soldering iron
Drill with drill bit to match size of LED
phillips screw driver
T-25 driver

1.remove the door panel, see your Bently manual for that...too long to describe here.

2. solder a resistor onto the positive lead of the LED...the longer end.  Then solder 2 lengths of wire onto the LED, one from the shorter end, and the other from the end with the resistor.  Locate the Positive and Negative leads from the window controller, see the write up I have linked above.
wire tap into those leads, making sure the resistor wire goes to the positive end.

3. Drill a hole into the grab handle recess, make sure to do it far enough back so that you don't see the light.  Push the LED into this hole from the back side.  You may decide to do a housing, something else you can get from RadioShack...and I may do that later, but for now, I made the hole just big enough to pressure fit the LED into the handle.

4.Replace the door panel, and enjoy.

here are the pics. I tested the LED first to make sure I had it soldered up correctly, that is why you see it shoved into the window controller switch plug. The positive is on the top...follow the end with the resistor on it, and the negative is on the lower right.

Pictures as promised


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