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Vibration in D and R when stopped Passat 1.8t

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--- Quote from: lupo_gti on February 10, 2009, 01:34:33 PM ---Thanks for all the quick replies. Thanks for recommending me Autobahn Premier Service. I scheduled an appointment for this week. I'll let you know when I have the results.

Does anyone know a good shop around Boulder?


--- End quote ---

Autosport werks in Broomfield has a pretty good reputation. 


Have not been there myself as I have found Autobahn to be worth the drive.

ASW in broomfield, like gragravar has mention is a good shop.  They changed management a few years back, and since then, they have been top notch.  APS is also a GREAT shop, tell them you are a member of RMCB5 and they will take GREAT care of you!!!

Sorry for the late reply, but i was quite often away last month.

You guys are really great and thanks a lot for recommending Autobahn Premier Service! They are very good and super friendly. The best shop in the Denver - Boulder area. I'll go to them again for my 60k service.

They actually discovered that the shop in Boulder (Go Motors), where I went to change my front axles in November, installed some low quality axles which only costs around 100$ to 150$ (and they charged me over 500$). So every time pressure was applied to the front axles (while the brake was applied) the old axles tend to bend forward and backward. So just by changing the axles back to original VW parts cut the vibrations in terms of intensity in half  :). Great job!!! The VW dealership in Boulder even didn't noticed the wrong parts in my car.  I still have some minor vibrations when in D or R, but I think this is a normal for an automatic 1.8t and I can live with it. It might be a torque converter issue, but for now I am fine with it. Are some other 1.8T automatic VWs and Audis experience the same, especially in cold weather or when the engine is still cold?

Thanks again for recommending Autobahn Premier Service to me!

Glad to hear it worked out, both in terms of finding a shop you can trust (APS) as well as a relatively straightforward solution. I'm not surprised Gebhardt didn't notice the problem. I had my Jetta there one time for scheduled service and they ignored some virtually bald tires. So much for a worthless checklist that a brainless minimum-wage tech signs off on. Better to have someone like Randy (who is an enthusiast himself) look at the car.

P.S. I might have missed it, but why did you have the axle changed in the first place? Were you already experiencing a vibration problem then? If not, is there any chance the original shop (Go Motors?) totally misdiagnosed it to begin with, not to mention selling you crappy & overpriced parts?

bump for my questions above. Just curious!


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