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1998 A4 Avant - Project Slow

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That's right, Mike got a station wagon. My dad and I flew out to San Fransisco this last Saturday morning, bought the car, and drove it straight back to Elizabeth.

It's a pearl white '98 A4 Avant sport. Being a pre-facelift model it has the Euro hatch and stubby passenger mirror. I bought the car with H&R coilovers, A8L wheels and a Dieselgeek Panzer skidplate (it needs it). I'll probably add a future mod list and more photos later, but I thought I'd get this up for everyone to see now!

The basics:
 - Quattro
 - Manual
 - Sport trim
 - 2.8l V6 (that's where the slow part comes in)

Current mods:
 - H&R coilovers
 - A8L OEM wheels
 - Dieselgeek Panzer skidplate

Future mods:

WOW!!! That's a great lookin' wagon!  Congrats!!

Thanks Ian!

Really does look great Mike, congrats on the new ride.

Killer car.  Totally dig it.
FYI, there is no such thing as a 1998 S-Line.


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