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So i pulled up my sack and got a bike.....still a little chilly to ride to work, but i managed a 20min ride before the snow today.

2001 R1150GS
Adventure gas tank
Adventure front fender
PIAA 510 and 520 Lights
Titanium exhaust with no cat
Jesse Luggage with tank bag
extras to come!!

Awesome!  Congrats.   You'll have to join us for the BMW club 100K ride next summer.

I would love to, should be back to riding not looking like a jackass by then! I'm sure Chris, my friend with the 1200 Adventure you met at Autobahn's moving day, would love to come along as well.

Hope the job search is going well...not posted for a while so i'm a little behind!

Sweet bike, congrats on the new wheels!!


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