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Put coilovers on the GTI this week

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The GTI finally went over the mileage limit for the CPO warranty, so I installed a set of Koni Threaded Coilovers this week.  Went with the 1150-8053 kit which is specific to the VR6 (firmer front springs) and is rebound and height adjustable.  Lifetime warranty is pretty nice too.

Got a pretty awesome deal on them through WRDusa.com with new strut mounts and bearings.  Install was really easy although removing the stock front struts was a total PITA.  Took maybe 2 hours to reinstall everything and set the ride height.  Since this is daily driver and needs to be winter drivable, the ride-height is set at 5mm below the max allowed.  Although this is almost an inch below where the car was.  Looks much better and isn't too low.

Ride is now very firm at about 40% stiff front and rear.  Not jarring at all and none of the bounce that you see on a lot of slammed cars.  This gives me plenty of room to stiffen up the fronts for track days too.  Obviously the fronts are really easy to adjust (top adjustment knob) but even the rears are pretty easy to do.  Took me 20-25 minutes to pull them, reset the rebound and reinstall yesterday.  Overall, really happy with them. 

Here are some before and after shots (differnt wheels, but same size):

[img width= height=]http://snydermotorsports.tripod.com/temp/summergti2.jpg[/img]

[img width= height=]http://snydermotorsports.tripod.com/temp/summergti1.jpg[/img]

[img width= height=]http://snydermotorsports.tripod.com/temp/gtiwithkoni1.jpg[/img]

[img width= height=]http://snydermotorsports.tripod.com/temp/gtiwithkoni2.jpg[/img]


Looks sweet Rick. It's nice that you can adjust them that quick and it's not a half day ordeal.

Well, I should clarify that it isn't an easy job to change the rears, but it's not hard.  Just jack up the rear end, remove the wheels and then you'll need a 16mm wrench, 16mm socket/ratchet and you can pull the rears shocks out.  Then you need a 17mm wrench and a 5mm allen and you can remove the shock from the upper mount, compress it and change the rebound setting.  Then put it all back together. 

The first time, it would probably take the average person 45 minutes per side.  I was in a huge rush trying to beat the loss of daylight yesterday and did it in under 25 minutes for both sides.  ;)  I also have all the tools, impact gun, etc which makes things much easier. 

Next time I'll just get top adjustable, rip out the interior carpet and cut a whole in the trunk.  That will make it really easy!  :D

looks good.

are you planning to go lower in the future? just gotta watch the aluminum pan. i always had steel and drove careful and never was an issue.

also a good thing to do is grease up or apply anti seize to the threads so they dont seize up on ya later on when you want to adjust them.
i always did that with my coils and works great. just a heads up.

i have seen some in the past seize and its a big pain to unlock and spin them.

No plans to go lower right now, although I could.  When we did the alignment, we set it up so that the toe is acceptable for the street and could be dropped about an inch and still be ok for the track.  I doubt I will do that, but it's nice to have the option.  My wife uses this car as her backup (to her 1970 Beetle) and I use it as my SUV (you can fit so much into a GTI with the seats down) that I want it to be useful and not bottoming out wherever we go.  Thanks for the heads up on the coils.


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