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my new 2001 s4

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Hey all,

After a bit of a fiasco with the bank because of the storm i finally picked this up saturday morning :D i've been searching for a replacement for my mr2 for a while now and finally decided to just go for it with the S... Sorry for the crappy phone pics, when the roads dry off i'll give it a good wash and get some vanity shots  ;)

All stock except for the tint.

No real plans - i'd like to keep it as stock as possible - maybe a set of summer wheels/tires or something.


Test out that quattro on those snow banks!

that looks really nice.  congrats on the new ride.

thanks :) i totally got to the top of the snow piles but i didn't want to embarass any scout owners so i deleted the pictures.

it needs a couple of small things but it's pretty solid. PO tinted the side markers and broke a clip on the passenger side and i caught a rock in the freakin driver's fog lamp already :( hopefully shouldn't be too hard to replace.

The hood does have a couple of rock pits that are through the paint - anyone know if i can do anything for them? also i can only notice it at really low volume but i think the passenger door speaker is blown...


urgh... the envy hurts so bad.   Nice ride.


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