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Worked on my own car for a change

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Things have been a little slower here lately - stupid economic downturn >:(  So I worked on my own car.

After the weekend at HPR there were a few issues needing to be addressed on my car.  After 136,000 miles and 6 years of maximum boost driving my clutch had enough.  It was still drivable but I did not want to have total failure and have to tow it to the shop.  (I am supposed to know better then that)  I replaced it with an interesting combination from the VAG parts bin.  I used a Single Mass Flywheel from 92 Audi 80, which is about 6 lbs lighter then the stock Dual Mass unit.  I ordered a South Bend DXD Pressure Plate and finished it off with semi-metalic disk.  The feel is nice, not heavy at all.  I just have to be nice to it for a while to break it in.  So no boost for me for a couple days.

While I was there i replaced my CV boots.  They were cracking, but not all the way through.  This is the 3rd round of boots for me.

The last thing I need to do is finish the Audi TT/A8 front brake conversion.  I have the 312mm rotors and Pagid Sport Blue pads ready to go in, I just need to find some TT carriers.  So if you know of any please let me know.

It was nice to work on my own car for a change.  I have felt like I was neglecting it for a while and now I feel much better.

- Randy ;D

Nice Randy.  Congrats on the well deserved "personal" shop time :)

I have having a little garage time with my MINI this coming Sunday, nothing big, just a small mod...but still, nice to be able to work on my cars again :)

Nice progress Randy. I bet it felt good to do something for yourself for a change. I'm interested in seeing how the brake conversion turns out.

Nice.  Glad to hear you're givin' her some lovin'.  She deserves it.   :)


--- Quote from: kraut-sled on May 01, 2009, 03:05:47 PM ---Things have been a little slower here lately - stupid economic downturn >:( 

--- End quote ---

I have been trying to do my part.  really.   ;D

glad you finally found some time for your car too.


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