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After an accident totaled out my A4 I began my search for an S4 to replace it. I found this in Boulder and couldn't pass it up.

Nice, I just saw that on CL recently as I recall. I had no idea the A4 got totaled, hope you were not hurt. Love those S4 Avants.

actually it was my gf that was in the accident. She was on her way home on 287 from Wyoming about a onth ago when she hit a patch of ice and slid into a tree. Ahe hit it head on and totaled the car. She was okay but was really upset she totaled my car. So amidst my looking for a new car I came across this one. I told her I was going to call on it but wasnt sure that I was going to get it. I went and checked it out and talked to the guy about it for an hour or so and thought is was a good deal but said I was going to shop around a bit. Without me knowledge she went and picked it up for me two days later and suprised me with it.


put a ring on that girls finger


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