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tie rod end stuck need help!!!

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today i work on to replace my tie end. i have a 2001 vw passat 1.8.  i get the pin bolt nut out and the top bolt out. then i use the tie rod removal to pull down the ball joint, but it only come down half way and it stuck there. no matter what i do it stuck half way and it seems like there is something in there to stop it from coming out. after many attempt of hammering it down and using cro bar. the tie rod end broke off the ball joint just like the picture below. is there any thing else i missed that why it stuck half down? thanks

this pictures shows the tie rod end is broke off from the ball joint.


It looks like you probably need to take that "pin bolt" out.  Look at the new one & notice the indentation that the bolt goes through.  It looks like the bolt stops the tie rod end from slipping down.

The other side should just unscrew.  Count how many revolutions it takes to remove it, and put the new one on the same number of turns.

Hope that helps.

On the tie rod, sometimes you need some heat if it wont turn as other members can attest to.

Here is a write up on the replacement, not sure if you were using this as a guide or not:


This is what I was trying to say:

thank you all. yes i had read that forum. thank KWilson  for pointing that about about the retainer bolt. and unfortunately the retainer bolt is froze in there.. we try to hammer it out and use PB blaster but no luck. look like we have to drill it out.


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