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tie rod end stuck need help!!!

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That's a bummer about the stuck bolt.  Before I spent any time drilling it out, I'd try cutting with a hacksaw or sawsall.  It looks like you could probably slip a hacksaw blade through the opening and cut the bolt in two (since you're going to replace it anyway).  That might let you get at least one half out easily.

Good Luck.

good idea.. thank you

have you tried an air hammer?

Looks to me like you used a pickle fork?  If you get a screw type puller you should be able to drive that pin out from the top but it might be easy to get out once the crossbolt is out.

One of these types:

There is more than one size, I have a big one and a small one.  The smaller ones are more typical for balljoints.

If you used the pickle fork before pulling the crossbolt you might need to drive the balljoint pin back up 1mm or so to free the crossbolt.  You may have locked the crossbolt with the balljoint pin.  This might mean chopping the ball off and driving the rest of the pin up with that puller.  Just a bit, not so far that you lock it again.




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