Author Topic: Open Lapping at HPR (High Plains Raceway) August 8th, Saturday  (Read 1959 times)

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I was out at HPR last weekend for their inagural session, and now am very excited to get on the track.  Lucky for me, my summer Conti Contact Sport's are nearly finished, and soon to be replaced.  It is the perfect excuse for a learning session on Saturday. 

I am planning to drive in the afternoon session, which starts at 1:00 PM through 6:00 PM.  The track is open generally to all drivers, and they will break out drivers into sessions if the track is busy.  This will be my first time at HPR, and also the first time driving the BMW M-Coupe on the track as well; I will certainly be taking it slow and catious to learn tomorrow and hope to get some rides with more experienced drivers as well.

If anyone is looking for something fun on Saturday, I would love to see you there!  Here is a link to the details for HPR.  If you want to sign up, you can pay online and save $10 off the normal half-day fee.
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