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On the subject of keys....


citylock usa:
One should take pause when trying to get a cheap deal on chip keys for VW and Audi. This is because the chip ( the RFID IMMOBILIZER CHIP, not the keyless remote part of the flip key, can only EVER be programmed ONCE. To one car... and can only be reprogrammed to the SAME CAR.

So, if you get a "leftover" key with a new blade online, that will generally not program into your car.

The only exception is if the flip key remote was NEVER PROGRAMMED previously, then it will work fine.

When folks bring in EBAY keys, I explain the possibility of the procedure not working, and the need to buy a key from us.

But we do a sweet job, by DECODING the original key, and CODE CUTTING it on CNC cutting machinery.... we don't TRACE the wear on the original !!!!

Also, City lock can make keys when the dealer-ordered keys won't work, because locks had been changed, or they have the code recorded wrong at VWOA/AOA

City Lock currently can program all VW and Audi KLINE system keys, CAN coming soon !

Right now, all I can think of is South Park.

citylock usa:
Why SouthPark?

I never got into SouthPark, so maybe for the few of us that are not in on the gag, Splain it to me !


for taking all the time to post a picture, I can fix your car the Blonde way, will clear all trouble codes, gratis

Look at all the money you'll save on repairs!



I don't think you program the key/remote,  you tell the car's ECU to recognize it.

The remote's RFID chip and transmitter has to be of the type recognized by the car's module, and then it's just a matter of putting the car in the right mode to add a new key.  There are different ways to do this, depending on the car.  There is also a limit to the number of remotes you can marry to any given car.

The issue with many people who buy the remotes off of ebay is they get one that is not exactly right, not quite matched.  The outside appearance of the remote is not important, the codes inside it is.


The friendly discussion is good, but until I can talk with city lock this is getting locked because it is violating the TOU for the site that were agreed upon at registration.


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