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My friend recommended i get involved in some sorts of VW forum since i am a happy owner of a 05 TDI GOLF :) 

I knew i wanted a car, that was small, has good gas mileage, and did a small amount of research, and although i wanted a sportswagon, they didnt have any in stock, my heart fell in love with "pedro" (yah i named him) ... it was time to get rid of my 99 ford exploder....


my boyfriends roomie told me about the diesel glowplug that i have to wait for when i start the car ( dealership failed to tell me about ), and the guy that sold me the car took a blade to the window sticker ended up cutting a hole through the tint, which i did get repaired yesterday.. and some lady that was getting her vw serviced told me that i made the worst decision in my whole life purchasing a vw, and how much she hates the dealership and her car... ( sigh.. so far im happy.. )

So thats my story in a nutshell sorta.. i have some questions about my vehicle.. but i'll google them first b4 i bugs you all... nice to meet and perhaps a greet..

-- vwNUBlet

Welcome aboard - you'll find a wealth of knowledge here if you cannot find your answers.  Do not hesitate to ask.

Someone has had a bad experience with every make of vehicle and every dealership out there (some more than others).  I had a bunch of problems with my VW in the first year of ownership, but was still happy with my choice, and wouldn't hesitate to own another.

Welcome, and I hat e to say it but I'm laughing. Love the first post.

Feel free to ask a way and we will always do our best to answer. Most of us are here in Colorado and can lend a hand if needed.

Since you have a  TDI, it is probably worth checking out as well. Dedicated to all things TDI. They will probably be a tremendous resource on TDI related questions. There are a few members here as well that have TDIs.

There is a show this weekend in the Springs, Dubs Along the Rockies. You both should come down if you can. Great opportunity to meet people and check out some great cars. You don't have to enter, I think the spectator fee is $3/person. It is at PPIR.

VW's will always be a love hate. Love the looks, driving them, the handling, the people. Hate, they tend to be more needy when it comes to maintenance than the likes of a Honda or Toyota. There are trade offs.

If the car is out of warranty, I strongly suggest finding a good independent shop for your maintenance needs. At least for stuff you don;t want to do yourself.

The TDI's I believe have a more frequent timing belt service interval so stay on top of that. I think they all have the glow plug harness fail at some point, but it's usually at high miles. Get it replaced when it fails and should be good for the same time frame.

One of my co workers has a 2000 Golf TDI. Lots of miles, and very few issues in 9 years. A close friend has a Jetta TDI, he is about due for the timing belt, but other than regular maintenance no issues.

There are a number of local groups, some have weekly GTGs. We do not, but we try to get time to get together when we can. This summer just flew by. We tend to be more on the technical side of things, we love cars.

Once again welcome, if you get some pictures, post them up in the member rides forum. Hopefully you two can make it to the show this weekend.

Thanks for the words!  ;D i'll check those sites out... I can't make it this weekend, but i'll be sure to show up to some other events. 

Yah, i love my car... and i've gotten mixed feedback about the vw's.  but very true.. i think issues can come up in any vehicle!

i'll post some pics up soon..!!! thanks again!

Welcome! A good friend has a TDI Golf and loves it!



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