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Hey everyone...been lurking for a while but thought I would go ahead and join in the fun.

Recently bought a CPL 08 Passat 2.0T in granite green.

Been making lots of mods to it already.

Hope to make it to one of the GTG's or shows soon. Thanks

Welcome aboard, we are on out second B6, we had a 2006 2.0T and now have a 2008 2.0T Passat. Really not a bad choice at all.

Would love to see some mods. If you need clear corner lights or a euro headlight switch (with fog switches) let me know. I think I still have some from the 2006.

your name isnt DAVID is it?

Thanks! I guess I should have checked in earlier as I already made those two mods!

I haven't made a list yet, but off the top of my head:

tinted windows
driver gear springs
18" Samarkand wheels
clear corners
euro switch
vag drl off, convenience windows, seat chime off
amazon/pep boys exhaust tips
gli pedals
phaeton dead pedal

next mods would be the fog kit, votex body kit, apr stage 1, forge diverter valve

I love the 2.0T engine when the turbo kicks in.

I haven't seen many B6's around town, even fewer with mods...not sure if that's good or bad

and really is Joe

Welcome! :)



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