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I'm starting to put some miles and now there's a "clunk"

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...a sort of popping knuckle "clunk"ing when my wheel is turned to the right or the left and there's articulation in the front driver's side suspension. Not bad, but it occurs at angles- not on flat, level ground.

Thoughts? I just rolled over 73K. It's only from the driver's side and loud enough you can almost *feel* it.

EDIT: Another possible but also unrelated sympton is a persistent *squeaking* on the driver side as well. It's gets noiser the more I turn left...and disappears when I turn right. It also disappears when I step on the brakes. My rotors and pads have been replaced (it was time) and it still persists.

Mine is doing the same thing. Had the suspension checked out and it turned out to be my upper control arm bushing being bad.

control arms or tie rod ends

or cv joints

Man, that's a lot of "or"s...


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