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FS: Koni coilover for MkIV GTI (VR6)

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FS: Koni Threaded Coilover kit (1150-5083) for a MkiV GTI (specifically a VR6, but can be used on others).  I bought this kit new in January and installed it in March with about 6000 miles on it.  Ride is very firm with virtually no body roll.  This is currently on the car (see pic above, ride height set at highest possible setting), just waiting for the new stock parts to arrive to swap it out.  I'd be willing to give a test ride for serious buyers before it's removed from the car.  I really love the ride, but we have the 1.8T kit on my wife's Beetle and I'm building a track-only M3 so I don't need this on my daily driver anymore.

Front includes:
strut/coilover setup with VR6 specific progressive springs
external rebound adjustment
height adjustable
new strut mounts/bearings when installed

Rear includes:
rear shocks with progressive springs
rebound adjustable (when removed from car, takes about 20 minutes to adjust both sides with the right tools)
height adjustable (new style spring perches)

Also, I can assist with install if needed as I have all the tools to do it myself.  You will need an alignment after install.


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