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Exhaust work in foco?


I'm looking to get some good exhaust work done in foco. Any shops that you guys know of and can recommend?

I would give SCR Performance a call, they are in Loveland which is not a bad drive.


If they can't do it, I bet they can recommend someone close to you.

I do not know of any shops specifically in FoCo unfortunately.

Not Sure about foco but Mark at SCR will send you to Collins Muffler Shop in Loveland


I had SCR put an APR system on my wife's bug and it needed some modification (third bung for 3 O2 sensors with BKE engine).  Collins is where it went to fine tune everything.

Nice work at very reasonable prices.

Good luck

Great thanks for the info! I just looked at their website and they seem to be a very good shop and pretty close as well. I'll check them out tomorrow, thanks!


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