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HELP!!! any thoughts?


My mother-in-law just bought a 2004 VW Passat 1.8T and it just died on her this morning. The Passat will not start and it will just keep turning over and over. If you hold the key and let it turn over for a while the oil pressure light comes on. We just replaced the coil packs and I have no clue what is going on. Any Ideas?

How many miles? It sounds like no fuel delivery? Fuel pump? I think the 2004's have an immobilizer don't they? Not sure if it would even let the car crank. Pulled any codes?

No codes are being thrown. It starts after trying for an hour or so and then runs, but when you turn it  off, good luck.

So does it fire? Or is it just dry?

Check your Water Temp sensor.


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