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Birds cost man Millions - LOL



What a bummer!


When I saw the title I was wondering if it was that story about the old dude who was trying to write off sex toys and prostitutes.  I didn't know the value but I heard it was in the 300-500 thousands.  BTW he was denied. 

The story gets even better:
The car was untitled and had dealer plates. The driver, Andy House, is owner of Performance Auto Sales who specialize in restoring wrecked exotics.  The owner bought the Eddie Griffin-crashed Ferrari Enzo, which was recently repaired and being sold through this dealership.  The Enzo had a lot of media exposure and sales of the 'Save the Enzo' T-shirts has been very brisk. 
This sounds like a publicity stunt and insurance fraud.

Someone just happened to record the accident and there was no bird in sight:


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