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FREE! Stuff I need gone by this weekend


Moving into a small apartment with girlfriend. Need this stuff gone by this weekend.  Nothing is wrong with any of it, I just don't have time to hassle with selling it.  

Linksys wireless G router. $20 OBO (only thing that is not free)
Gear pulling set 3, 4, 6, 8 inch size
possibly a queen size matress and box spring. Has built in matress pad and I have a 1" thick blanket cover too.
Push broom. Ghetto condition but works. Metal shaft
dry erase board. About 18x24 inches
shower curtain
shower head. Detach multi setting with hose type

Oh. I'm in Louisville/ superior area. Come by anytime this week or weekend. Message me for email address.

Can never have enough jackstands.  I'll take em if I can pick them up this weekend...

Sorry doc. Jack stads are gone already. Added wireless router, the only thing that is not free.


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