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Boycott Wolf Auto Group / Interstate Leasing & Sales

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It's sad that this kind of hate and ignorance still exists:

Unfortunately the owner of Wolf Auto Group stands strongly behind this billboard and not willing to take it down anytime soon, dispite all of the complaints and outrage they have been receiving from the public. 

Ah yes, I read about that bb today. Just so out of line and out of touch.

Alan - I would expect something like this in the "offtopic" forums.

Jay - I would have thought you would have caught that rather than join the chorus.

I don't remember anyone from the left complaining when Bush was referred to as Hitler:


Free speech as long as it is the left's speech.  (check out American Thinker website for more on that).  

I know what I am saying will get me labeled as a "neocon" or whatever the latest term is from you younger hipper "progressives" (most on this board).  Been there and "evolved". (I was one to protest Reagan back in the day but can still pull a smith grind!)

Alan - it is obvious you and I differ on our politics but we do see eye to eye on cars.  Let's keep this area devoted to cars and not politics.  I would be happy to take you (AND RANDY) out for drinks ON MY TAB to have more discussion on this and many more political topics.  What do you say?  Are you up for some mental jousting and good conversation?


edited to add (AND RANDY)

That's a scary website you got there...

50 ways to become blinded, broke, and afraid...in stores now :D

Rob, why does someone have to be left or right? The billboard is in poor taste whether it said Obama is a terrorist or Bush is Hitler. It's just stupid.

It should be on OT so that's where it will go. Have fun with the thread but don't pass judgment on your peers because of your interpretation of a response.


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