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16" Blizzaks cheap


I should change my name because I ain't GotAW8 anymore!  It had some problems and Randy said I should get rid of it before I couldn't get rid of it at all!  We replaced it with an 07 A6 - wanted to stay in the family so I didn't need to find a new mechanic :)

Anyway, the old Blizzaks remain.  They're getting close to the winter wear indicators (6/32") but I imagine they're still better than summers in the snow!  They probably have enough tread for the season if anyone's interested instead of having to buy new ones.  I put them up on CL for $100 but if I can meet one of you conveniently I'm happy to entertain a much lower offer.

You can see the specs/pics here

I'll take em!!!  I live in Centennial, where are you? 


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