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Hey, my name is Oliver and I am a new member. I am looking forward to events and rides with fellow Audi and VW enthusiasts.

I drive a 2001 Audi S4 and live in South Metro Denver.  

Welcome to the forums Oliver! How long have you has the the S for?

Hey thanks for the warm welcome. :)

I just got it this summer. She has been looking for me for a while. She came from Washington D.C. Ended up in San Diego at Auction this year and was sent up here to Englewood. Funny cause I was born in D.C. and grew up in San Diego, and have lived here since 03.

She just needed me to love her. She has had some issues but I have been busy on her.

I have replaced the Coils, Plugs, ECM Board, 02 Sensor, 2 Straight Flow Cats, Cold Air Intake and new TSW Donnington Wheels.

She is running like a real lady.

Great! Already into the work. Keep an eye on those turbos and the timing belt. There is usually a monthly All Euro Cr get together that will get cross posted here. A great way to meet new people and talk cars.

We haven't been as active with garage days or drives as we have been in the past. The economy and busy lives kind of take a toll on that unfortunately. Winter months are always slow anyway. When Spring comes around everyone has something they want to work on, or somewhere they want to go.

Sweet! Thanks again for the info. I was hoping I could get the Timing Belt, Serpentine Belt, Water Pump, and Thermostat all changed at 100,000 miles.

I at 84,000 right now.

As far as the turbos.... After driving I never shut down immediately. I am running full Synthetic oil. Anything else I should be watching? This is my first Turbo. (Let alone Twin Turbo).


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