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Welcome! Great car  ;D


If they are the original turbos it really depends on the previous owner. IF they are going to fail, they probably will around 100K miles. The good way to fail is having the seals go, you will know as you will get blue and white smoke (oil and coolant). Next time you get a big service done or do it yourself it is probably worth checking the turbos to make sure they at least look good.

The timing belt, the factory says 100K, most can make it there, but enough don't. Failure is bad. The premature failures usually aren't the belt but like the tensioner or the roller.

Not trying to worry you, but just some things to be aware of. When the car is well maintained it is a really fun car, stay on top of the maintenance and it should treat you well for years to come.

Thanks for the advice 92UrS4. I will take care of those items before 100,000, just to be safe.
What a cool forum. Nice people and great info. :)

Welcome!  This group is great and there are a lot of knowledgeable minds here.

My $0.02 on the timing belt in your car is to do it ASAP.  It is an expensive service, but the alternative is much more costly.  As for the turbos, as long as the car has been taken care of and the oil change intervals have not exceeded 5K with full synthetic you should be okay.  The other key to long life is good warm up and cool down of the motor before and after hard driving.

Happy motoring and welcome to the RMCB5 family.

 - Randy



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