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Replacing a fan switch fun


I need to replace my fan switch on my radiator, not looking forward to it, but it should be DIY. I believe I need to drain my radiator otherwise I will get a face full of coolant when I remove the old switch.

Always looking for help or guidance on a job like this, granted my car is old compared to most of yours. I will be shooting to do this Saturday probably weather dependent...oh and if I have the part in time.

You will get a face full of coolant if you do not drain the radiator first.  Actually you can slowly drain it with the switch by slowly unscrewing it with the overflow tank open.  Obviously a cold motor is the key here.

Whcih switch are you putting in?  There are two temp ranges for the UrS....  Also I know a local place that has both in stock.


Randy -

I am doing the one on the bottom driver side of the radiator. Not sure what the temp needs to be for it. All I know is my fan runs all the time ONLY when the car is on, so though some troubleshooting I've determined it is that switch. Plus it runs on high the entire time.

I don't want the fan to burn up and it's eating into MPG's with the extra load.

If you can get one I can stop by on my way home tomorrow from my Dr appt and get it.


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