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Wiper fluid Pump, B5.5 Passat

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Does anyone know where the wiper fluid pump is located under the hood?  I seem to suffer from a lack of pressure or flow.  One side barely reaches the windshield and the other side doesn't squirt at all.  I have tried messing with the angle of the nozel to no effect.

Not sure about the B5.5, but they are usually located under the reservoir(attached to it).

Sounds more like your nozzels/lines are clogged up.  

Is it squirting out the drivers side and not the passenger side or vice versa?  A weak pump might do that in the first scenario. I agree though, it should be below the resevoir.

Also, check, there should be (I hope) a screen where the fluid comes into the pump. It could be blocked.

Check the lines, look to see if you see the blue liquid anywhere in the engine bay indicating a punctured line or something like that. Can you hear the pump run okay when you try spraying?

I've had connection issues with the lines inside the hood before.   I would check there first.  I would also stick a pin down in the nozzles to see if they might be clogged.

I've got 2 B5.5 passats at my house and we have the same thing happening to both right now as well. In our case, the fluid we put in 3 months ago was not indicated for use in winter temperatures; as such, it's freezing.

When you try to spray, it barely comes out of one nozzle, and the other is completely unreactive. This sounds like your problems as well.

If your car is garaged, try to spray when you get in the car in the morning and see if that fixes it before you go out and buy parts.


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