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Wiper fluid Pump, B5.5 Passat

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Thanks for the suggestions!

It has been doing this for about a year, only its most annoying now with all the splashback.  I will try the pin in the nozzle and see if the screen is clogged in the reservior.  I can hear the pump running and I have not noticed any fluid leaks from the cleaner.

I just thought I would give an update in case someone else has the same problem.  It appears that the hose connecting the driver side wiper jet had come loose inside the hood.  There was still enough pressure to get a little bit of fluid out the passenger side jet but the driver side was just squirting into the hood.  I reconnected the driver side and both jets work correctly again. ;D

Woo hoo! Thanks for the update. At least it was a low cost fix.


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