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Hey whats up..
im a owner of a Vw B5.5 20v 1.8T AWM
It has an Intake w/ Round filter and Heat shield
Boost Gauge
DV Forge

i want to put a k26 porsche 911 turbo on it, and get a 2.5" Turbo back if i decide to keep the 18t in it....
currently, its non quattro.. i found this ukauction site..
and my real goal is to get ... a big W8 and make it quattro
i got the W8 Quat'tranny.. im ust waitin on the read end an engine..
its going to be sick
either that or save up for the s4 v6biturbo.. either way.. im almost there..
let me know what your thought are!

Welcome to RMCB5!  Looks like you have a nice car.

Honestly, my thoughts are:

1) Sell your current car.
2) Buy a Passat W8.

That's probably the cheapest and easiest way to get into a W8.  If you do go ahead with the swap, please start a project thread.  Sounds like it would be quite the project.  Otherwise, it looks like you already have a spare transmission?  Manual or Auto?

As far as the K26 turbo, I'm pretty sure that you could easily find a better fit for a 1.8T engine.  I don't believe that a K26 would bolt up.

Converting a non 4Motion Passat to 4Motion is quite an undertaking.  THe entire rear floor pan of the car will need to be replaced, or highly modified.  I have looked into it quite a bit and decided it would be cost prohibitive.

I think you would be better off starting with a W8 for buying an S4.  Both are fairly inexpensive now a days.

If you go through with the conversion you might want to read about one that was done by a guy in New York.


the passat you posted about is older..
isnt the 4mo different in the years?
at any rate.. my floor doesnt look like that..
and in germany.. the 4door passat was released with a w8 in it..
i just want that..

i dunno tho..
i have a bunch of project cars.. i dont mind choppin mine up ..
besides.. i dont think mine will look that guys.. he looked like he had a lift in the rear end.. strange..

and i have an adapter made for a k26.. so it wouldnt even be a problem

The W8 was in the US as well in 2003.


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