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What it do, From North Denver

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ahhh i see.. the only one i found was in a wagon.. which are ugly as hell..
who knows.. i might just buy an allroad.. fuckin a


--- Quote from: kraut-sled on December 11, 2009, 09:44:55 AM ---...If you go through with the conversion you might want to read about one that was done by a guy in New York.
--- End quote ---

Wow, that's a ton of work.  It makes converting a Golf/Jetta to 4 Motion look easy using .:R32 or TT parts - something that I often daydream about doing to my Jetta Wagon. 

I like this quote from that thread: 

"Props for having the skill to do this.

The decision to do it still makes no sense to me. Just think, if only VW would have offered 4motion Passats how much time you could have invested in other parts of the project. " :)

Then, the headache of sorting out a W8 swap...  Yeah, just buy an S4/W8.


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