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Upcoming Timing Belt Garage Day

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I am going to be replacing my 1.8t TB on my Passat along with doing my neighbor's TB on his GTI probably on the Sunday after New Years.  I wanted to see if anyone else has any work they need done on their ride and host a garage day at my place for this.


Wow, last time I recall this being done was 2002 or 2003, is this the 2nd or third?

We'll be on our way back to CO that day, so I'm out.

Dub, is this still going to happen this weekend? Let me know as I can come by and help out or just supervise and tell bad jokes.

Hey Jay. Sorry, I never saw any replies to this until this one.

Andrew, my neighbor, and I will be getting started on this tomorrow morning about 7 or so. If anyone wants to come by let me know. You can supervise any time you want, Jay. We'll do Taste of Philly around noon. I need to be done by 5 as we have some other plans after that.

This is only my second TB change. Low miles on the B5 for the last 6 years I guess.

Can't wait!



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