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Another year down, the end of a decade, the start of a new.


For 7 years now RMCB5 has been a part of many of your daily routines. Even if it is just looking for new posts, searching for old ones or just checking in. Sure the site is not as active or as popular as it used to be, after all the B5 was done being produced in the 2005 model year.

This site has been a part of building up the VW/Audi community and will continue to be around as long as it is useful to someone. As we just recently passed our 7 year anniversary I thought I would share some wayback machine links to show the evolution.

late 2002 - early 2003:

Check out the number of registered users!

Want to know who the oldest members really are? A page just for the original members.

Mid 2003

A milestone here, look who the newest registered user is? Yep, post whore extraordinaire!

Fall 2004

Check out the Member of the Month.

Spring 2006 -- Nevermind the date in the upper right, it was based on YOUR computer time.

Summer 2007

Spring 2008

And of course we all know what it looks like today. Maybe 2010 will bring a new look, or maybe some expansion or integration into another site. We'll see. Most of all, thanks as always to those that have contributed to the site, the community and of course just being all around great enthusiasts!

Have a great 2010, and here's to the start of a new decade!



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