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Nogaro S4 owner, slowly saying goodbye


Hey all, I own a B5 S4 and have attended a few of the meetups over the years. It's been sometime now but since MetroDubs bombed out and I had to remake my profile I figured I'd jump in and meet some new faces over here too while I slowly liquidate my parts shelves of things I never even got around to installing, and eventually, maybe , the car itself :(


well i was going to post some pictures, but I cant seem to figure out how to upload  ???

You need a photo hosting service to store your pictures, then you can link to them from here. There are a number of free hosting services that allow hotlinking.

Did you already sell the S4 and are just moving parts now? Or just a big long process of selling everything?

Still have the S4. It's hard to let go of. I figure I'd start with liquidating the parts I never even got to installing and see how much my gut churns (and how well the economy picks up). In the meanwhile, bills > toys  :o

Ahh, yeah I hear ya. It's a good ride to hold on to. I am always coming across parts from old cars that I never installed...or re-installed. :D


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