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Euro Denver GTG - Saturday, February 27th, 2010

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I would love to make one of these, but I will be across the pond in London.  I guess I will just have to check out some euro cars there instead.

Pat, you guys have fun up there!

Andrew, what are you doing in London?  Work?  I hear they have Audi A4 Allroads there.  Have you seen one yet?

Like all these for me... weather permitting and depends on what I have going on that weekend. 

It looks like the weather may not be so great for tomorrow.  Are any of you guys still thinking of going?  I was going to put on the summer rubber, but if it snows, that prolly wouldn't be such a great idea.

I would hold off on the Summers. I think we are getting up to 6" by Sunday morning or so. I think I am skiing Sunday so I have a lot to do tomorrow to make that happen.


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