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want to touch the hi knee!!!


 ;D ;D ;D ;D Finnaly going to start a up-grade thread for my baby...

some of these are from awhile back but.. they are in order as best as i remember :thumbup::thumbup:

When i first got her!!

Timeing Belt and water pump...

New pads n rotors...

This was my first major upgrade!!!!

Bilstein sprots with B&G lowering springs... thanks

The first time is hit the ground after!

Some past due maint after the drop...funny thing is i worked there at the time lol...

Out with the OLD!!!

Some temp stuff untill i get a bolt-up full exu

This muff is amazing!

AAAANNNDDD my newest upgrade....

heres some teasers



oh goes.... all i have to do it press this little.... Ctrl ........  V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wheels look remarkably good on the b5.5. Clean ride! I'll check out the exhaust videos a little later. Oh and welcome!


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