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B5.5 parts are impossible to find!!!!!!


I'm trying to find a TBE or CBE system without paying 1000 friggin bucks...
I've looked on mjm autohaus and ecs and autotech.... they have bad azz prices for passat vr6 and jettas and golfs but no one likes a sexy b5.5 =((((((

Anyone know some good sites? Places?

There wasn't a whole lot made for the B5(.5) in terms of aftermarket parts. Still kind of the same today for the newer models. The manufacturers found it was small demand. Though there are things here and there. For many cosmetic mods, people got creative and created there own.

Here is another site:


Pretty much OEM stuff, but some European parts to give a different look. Otherwise, performace parts, like chips, exhaust, etc, should be pretty easy to come by (I think). Hook up with a local shop or check forums for people selling used stuff to save some money.

thanks dude!  ;D


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